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Philosophy and Comments

I believe our health is the most important thing we have and that we are responsible for maintaining our bodies. I am saddened daily by the number of people I meet who are suffering needlessly, with problems that can be easily and inexpensively treated by the many available holistic and alternative therapies available today. Part of my role as your acupuncturist is to educate you in how to take an active role in your own health; this enables you to live a happier, more balanced and more fulfilling life.

Everyday stress takes a huge toll on our bodies. That same ongoing stress can unbalance the body resulting in: pain, depression, insomnia, infertility, high blood pressure and multiple other health concerns.

Chinese medicine looks at the body as a whole interactive and interdependent entity; this is diametrically opposed to the approach of western medicine which looks at health care from the view point of treating and eliminating symptoms. When we harmonize the body not only do symptoms disappear, but the body attains an increased state of well-being and vitality.

By viewing the body as an integrated whole with different systems that naturally balance one another, it becomes apparent when the systems become unbalanced and result in pain, aches and illness. Most of these problems can be easily corrected with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine.

We expect a lot from our bodies and if we want them to function at their highest level we must be willing to do a little maintenance from time to time. You will be amazed at how good you can feel and what you can do – once again!