I visited Darren (Mr. Acupuncture) for nerve pain treatment and I was instantly comforted by his wealth of knowledge and pleasant bedside manner. This was my first acupuncture treatment, and I’ll admit I was I bit nervous. He was gentle and talked me through the entire process. I’ve now had several visits for different issues and had a positive experience and outcome each time. It really works!
Christian Abad
I met Darren in 2012, when I first moved to Charlotte. I was impressed by his spirit of learning and inspiration for Traditional Asian Medicine. Darren studies and works to improve himself and genuinely cares about his clients. He was kind enough to share his office with me when I started seeing patients. Darren came to our place and helped a client with serious plantar fasciitis, and it was an instant success! I highly recommend and continue to speak well of Darren.
Yadi Alamin
Awesome experience. Darren is incredibly knowledgeable and is always striving to learn new and better alternative treatments. My back feels great after a single acupuncture treatment. HIGHLY recommended.
David Scott
I have been a patient of Darren Holman for at least fifteen years. During that time, I have found him to be an intelligent, compassionate, competent professional. I have RA and there have been times when Darren’s acupuncture applications have kept me walking and out of pain. I highly recommend him!
Jean Twisdale
I have never been to an acupuncturist before but knew there were great benefits. I tried it to address few allergies for my kid with Darren’s help and feel so glad and fortunate to be in the right hands. Not only is he very very knowledgeable and passionate he is very upfront and will say it like it is. I have already recommended him to everyone I know and if you are on the fence then I hope this helps you.
Pallavi Kothur
Let me start by saying just two weeks ago I was reading these reviews and now I’m here compelled to leave one of my own. I have to say that I was skeptical of acupuncture at first. Didn’t know what I didn’t know I suppose. Let me tell you that Darren is a Healing Magician. I had been dealing with issues for over a year that the Gastro did everything but actually tried to heal me. Endoscopy and colonoscopy all to tell me they didn’t have any answers besides putting me on medication that had no end in sight. I decided to try something different so I came to Mr. Acupuncture. After just one session I saw progress and felt better than I had in over a year!!! Yes just one session. After my second session, my issue has been pretty much completely cured and I haven’t needed the medication from the gastro in over a week now. Looking forward to continuing with Mr. Acupuncture. If you’re on the fence like I was, do yourself a favor and book an appointment. You can thank me later😎
Drew Mays
I had so much pain in my right arm due to pinched nerves in my neck. The pain was so bad it had consumed my life. I felt so bad and was always hurting. A friend of mine told me about Darren Holman aka Mr. Acupuncture. I made an appointment and went to see Darren. After 3 treatments I was pain free. This was like a breath of fresh air. I felt like I had been given my life back. Darren is a very gifted acupuncturist and is very professional and is the best in his field. I would recommend if anyone has a problem with pain, stress, headaches, and so much more, please call Mr. Acupuncture. The experience with acupuncture is a very calming and peaceful experience. And I highly recommend Darren Holman. He is a very caring, & compassionate person.
Vickie Hinson
If acupuncture is the right treatment for you, Darren is your guy. Came in seeking relief for lower back pain related to a recent weight lifting injury. Darren employed a number of different acupuncture techniques, all of which were explained in great detail by a guy who, as an engineer, self-admittedly needs to understand the science behind it before he will use it in practice. Darren also stands by his treatment guarantee, so even if you are skeptical about the effectiveness, there isn't much downside to giving it a try. Definitely would recommend Mr. Acupuncture!
Nick Peterfy
I had hideous pain from a dental procedure. I was told the pain might last up to two weeks. I had no idea how I was going to make it that long, even while taking high doses of ibuprofen. Darren (Mr. Acupuncture) used tiny semipermanent ear seeds which really took the edge off and I was able to gradually reduce the ibuprofen. After two visits I was back to normal! He’s passionate about finding the right solution to help and you’ll get the sense that Darren has plenty of tools and options to try for your treatment. Bonus, there is off street parking. I was referred to him by my regular acupuncturist, the awesome Amy Rhodes, of Charlotte Center for Acupunture. Together, they made my getting out of pain a priority and found a way to help - they checked in with me regularly over the weekend to monitor my progress and let me know I could call them if things got worse. Which it didn’t, thankfully. It’s almost unheard of to get this level of care, but these two expertly skilled practitioners treat from a place of open hearts and kindness, as well as being technical masters of their craft. They are truly amazing and care about their patients with rare compassion and dedication.
Lise Lavallee
Darren is truly a caring professional who does his best to diagnose ailments before recommending treatment. Specifically, I woke one morning with extreme back tightness, Darren not only fit me into a busy schedule, he did his best to address with herbal treatment - I was leaving town for a trip and needed immediate care - he did so with the intention of researching a long term solution. Terrific person and I highly recommend!
Jon Davis
I had a serious back injury in NY a year ago and had to use a chiropractor to get back to walking upright. It was awful. I continued going to him for a few months but asked him if there was anything more I could do because the treatments seemed temporary. He recommended acupuncture. I was skeptical but tried anyways. The gentleman I saw heard my complaints and went to work. Overnight he changed my life. I wasn't tight around my shoulder and back anymore. So continued my treatment until I had to move to Charlotte. I was desperate to find someone else to continue the treatment. And my work gave me no window of time to see anyone in the area. 9-5:30pm was killing me. But then I found Dr. Holman. He volunteered to see me early at 7:30am before my work to help me out. I was an early riser, but this guy brought all the energy, even on a Monday morning after Christmas. He was excited to work on me and eager to listen to my issues in order to find the right treatment. He was so knowledgable about acupuncture and thrilled to talk about it; an excitement that I can only describe as passion. He clearly loves and respects his profession and his treatment, although unconventional even by acupuncture standards, reflected that. I couldn't possibly repeat all he said but I can tell you the results of pain relief lasted longer than any other treatment that I have had chiro or acupuncture do in the past. I had a tightness in my neck that he took away from me. I almost miss it. It had been apart of me for too long. I cannot wait to go back and have him work on my other issues. Dr. Holman knows what he is doing and knows how to make you feel welcome too. I would recommend him to anyone.
Vadin Lum You
Darren was referred to me by a family member. I took a chance and had my very first acupuncture experience with Darren while visiting NC. During that time I was undergoing a lot of stress from work, school, finances, family, life and learned that acupuncture can help alleviate stress. Darren was attentive, caring, and professional. He even made the time to give me the 101 on acupuncture. After the session, I felt comfortable, relaxed, and in a total state of calm. Darren made me a believer in this form of holistic medicine. I highly recommend it. What better way to heal your body without pills or strenuous exercise.
Melissa Rattrovo
Darren is simply the best in the business, a true wizard. I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer in 2015 and have been getting treated since then. The acupuncture has helped mitigate the side effects of chemo and generally makes me feel better. I see Darren once a week and plan on doing acupuncture the rest of my life. Darren is caring, compassionate and a good guy. I enjoy our discussions too, and he has taught me a lot about Eastern medicine in general. I highly recommend him to those living in Charlotte!
Joseph Miller
Darren help me tremendously when i had a severe shoulder problem! He has also treated me for sinus headaches which helped almost immediately! I am a chiropractic physician and have rerered many patients to Darren and they have come back and thanked me for such a great referral! Not only is Darren an excellent acupuncturist, he truly cares about the patients he is treating.
Gene Chaput
If you're looking for someone who has the most impeccable beside- manner and compassion, coupled with genius intellect in his field, then Darren is the absolute best person to seek out. Darren provided remarkably thorough consideration with regard to my symptoms and ailments (neck and shoulder pain, stomach issues, peri-menopausal symptoms). He treated me with acupuncture, which I absolutely loved. His gentility and application made it so that I had no idea I had anything touching me! His expertise in the field of Chinese medicine and herbal knowledge convince me he's an expert in his field AND they have helped my symptoms immensely. There should be more than five stars to highlight 🙂
Mandy Harper