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Acupuncture is effective healthcare!

My family and I have been being treated by Darren for about 7 years now. Darren has been wonderful. We use a Health Savings Account with our insurance and have saved thousands of dollars by choosing acupuncture where appropriate. I regularly refer friends to Darren, suggesting that they include acupuncture as a treatment option.


Timothy Grismer

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Pain in the jaw!

I was having major jaw pain.  I went to the dentist twice, and all they could recommend was to have a custom mouth guard made.

After about 40 minutes of work from Darren, the pain was 100% gone and never came back.  He also noticed that my jaw was miss-aligned and sent me to see a chiropractor associate of his. ... Read more »

Pain Free After 8 Years!!!

Thanks to Darren and his passion for this healing art, my husband is free of pain in his feet after 8 years of debilitating discomfort!

Recently retired, we both felt that the plan to be active in golf and to travel was not going to happen. We were restricted from sight-seeing since he could not walk very far before he

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R. Tucker Testimonial

I first started going to Darren Holman in June of 2012 for right shoulder pain that had gotten so bad that I could not sleep on my right side any longer. Since I am a side-sleeper, it was getting harder and harder to get a good night’s sleep. In the previous year, I went to a orthopedic specialist who gave

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